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Marhub empowers refugees to navigate resettlement procedures, connect with legal support, and start new lives quickly and safely 


The Problem

Today there are 68 million forcibly displaced people, including 25 million refugees. In 2017, governments and large NGOs spent an estimated $70 billion globally on refugee processing, assistance, and resettlement. Despite efforts to respond to escalating humanitarian crises, refugees still lack access to their basic rights and needs in exile, and only 2% have access to long-term solutions like resettlement, local integration, or voluntary return.

A major barrier is that refugees lack access to crucial information and services. In the absence of reliable resources, refugees depend on rumors and misinformation, often compounding confusion, stress, and vulnerability. 

The Opportunity: Accessing Legal Aid in Lebanon  

Our Services

Marhub provides impactful solutions for both refugees and humanitarian organizations.

Marhub’s chatbot connects refugees with information and services on their terms--in their languages, on their preferred platforms, and on their own time. Marhub’s migration management platform enables organizations to increase efficiency, scale, and quality of their services.


In partnership with a legal aid organization, Marhub is piloting its solution to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees navigate resettlement procedures and connect with legal assistance. Long-term, Marhub aims to connect migrants with quality organizations, information, and services globally. We are actively exploring opportunities to expand our content, languages, and partner network.

Humanitarian Organization Engine

Improve intake by receiving the information you need from refugees up-front in an easy-to-process format

Triage to identify highest priority cases 

and match refugee with appropriate NGO

Adapt and respond to refugee feedback

Assess impact and improve service

Going Over Data

Refugee Virtual Assistant

Learn about the legal + resettlement options right for you

Ask questions and get reliable answers from experts

Connect directly with a lawyer and the right organization to help you

Share anonymous feedback to NGOs and help other refugees

Our Principles

We believe every refugee deserves respect and equal access to information, and that refugees need durable solutions to thrive (not just survive). We also believe in developing scalable solutions for underserved populations (often neglected when developing and implementing new technology).  

We are committed to hiring and designing with refugees first, developing a solution that can be sustainable and impactful at scale, working with trusted local partners to design our solution, and working within the current humanitarian framework--making the system more effective for all actors.

As we launch our solution, we will rigorously evaluate our impact on the reach of partner organizations, the refugee experience and mental health, wait times for assistance and time spent in limbo, resettlement costs, and resettlement success.


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We are always looking for trusted organizations to partner with us as we scale our solution.

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